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In an era of digitization, any business operating only offline without a strong online presence is likely not to connect a larger proportion of its target market. Getting a professional and responsive website for your business is one of the key ways a firm can help position itself strategically in the digital space.

With a well branded website, your business gets easily identified when potential customers search for your services online. A website helps describes what you do and what you stand for. Getting a responsive website can also help you to display and market your services to customers who may be far away from you.

Research shows that 76% of potential customers looks up for your business online before they decide to visit your physical office.

Website Design
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Getting a website can sometimes be very frustrating, expensive and even delay if you don’t get in touch with right website design company.

Gasty Media over the years remains one of the best website design company in Ghana, Takoradi. Our well dedicated team of professionals seek to understand the vision, mission and core values of your company before we undertake any website design project.

A professional and responsive website is a composition of using the right colors, images and proper alignment. Because Gasty media have a team of professional graphic designers, they work in line with the website design team to provide a responsive website that gives your business an edge in the market.

Having a website that runs slow is as good as not having any website at all.

At Gasty media we are dedicated to designing and developing a website that load faster and easy to navigate on all devices.

The payment plan of Gasty Media is flexible to accommodate startups, SMEs and large-scale companies.

It is increasingly necessary for organizations and businesses to optimize their online presence making it easily accessible and having valuable information that can easily reach potential customers.

If you are looking for the best website design company in Takoradi to build a responsive website, get in touch with our dedicated team.

Why every business needs a website

No matter how unique your product or services are, without marketing, there will be no or less sales, eventually no or less profit to run your business. Every business needs to have a strategic marketing plan that fits into the current trends and circumstances.

According to, in 2021, people spend an average of six hours online. These number of hours is either for information or entertainment.

If your business is not paying attention to creating a strong digital presence, you are walking your path out of business soon.

Thinking of why your business needs a website? The following reasons are enough to persuade you to get a professional and responsive website.

If you ever meet someone and had to tell them what your business is about, there is a likelihood you cannot go into much details. Even if you attempt to do that, there are certain key details that may not be off head. A website is the online portfolio of your business. It a short statement of reference of all that your business is about. If someone is to visit your website, it gives them a complete idea of what your do. This makes them better informed and limit the chances of having to answer questions repeatedly.

Having a FAQs (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) section on your website can save time and resources, improve customer satisfaction, increase trust and credibility, enhance SEO, and provide valuable insights into customers’ needs and preferences. It can be a powerful tool for businesses to improve their customer experience, build trust, and gain valuable insights into their audience.

Display of team members. The strength of every business largely goes beyond the uniqueness of their solution or the strength of the capital. Their human capital is one of their strongest asserts. For some customers, shareholder or investors, they are much interested in the group of people that runs your company. Getting a website for your business helps display your team members and their individual portfolio.

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